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INVE Artemia Cysts - 425gm Tin
INVE Artemia Cysts - 500g Tin

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Great Salt Lake - Premium Quality from the Utah Exclusive INVE Site.

Artemia or Brine Shrimp are a good source of live food for nearly all aquarium fish. Artemia can be purchased in cyst/egg form, either whole or de-capsulated. They can be hatched out at home fairly easily in salt water at a temperature of around 25C. Provide sufficient aeration to keep the cysts in suspension.

Once hatched, the Artemia can be fed a variety of enrichment products such as Plankton Enrich before feeding to aquarium fish. Newly hatched enriched Artemia are a great food source for larval fish due to their small size and ability to absorb enrichment products. Adult Artemia are great for larger fish either enriched, or just as a treat of live food rather than just the usual frozen or flake food.

To make the most of your artemia cultures, we suggest you use an ammonia neutraliser to reduce the build up of toxic ammonia and increase growth and survivability.

To grow out the artemia to adults, we recommend feeding them Tetraselmis algae concentrate or Phytodiet (sometimes called greenwater). This acts as a very nutritious food for the artemia, as well as making the artemia a very nutritious food source for your fish and invertebrates.

On average it takes between 2 and 3 weeks for artemia to reach adulthood and begin to breed themselves.

For a full rundown on how to culture your own Brine Shrimp, there is a great article in Reef Culture Magazine Edition 1 by Tracy Warland from the South Australian Seahorse Marine Services - an excellent read! See our store for details on the magazine.