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Mystery Blend
Mystery Blend

Our Price: $16.01 Inc GST

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Product Code: MYSBLE

Each time we make a fresh batch of Coral Diet, Phyto Diet, or any of the algae concentrates like Rotifer Diet, Nannochloropsis and Tetraselmis, there is always some left over. Normally we use this to feed to our own aquariums, however due to the growing popularity of these awesome products, we have an overabundance of the left overs!

So the Mystery Blend is an amalgamation of all the above diets. The mystery part is the amounts of each varies from day to day, and week to week.

The two things that arent a mystery are :-

1) the concentration of the mystery blend will always be at least that of Phyto and Coral Diet

2) no matter whats in it, your aquarium will absolutely love it!

Due to the Mystery blend being available on a strictly unknown basis, only 125ml pouches will be available initially. If we continue to have demand, this may increase to 250ml.