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Plankton Enrich
Plankton Enrich

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Plankton Enrich is an economical enrichment product that aids in providing the essential highly unsaturated fatty acids to wide variety of live plankton such as rotifers and brine shrimp/artemia to aid in the early larval development of marine species of fish and shrimp.

Only too often are larvae of various marine species found to be feeding well on plankton of the appropriate size only to perish later due to lack of nutrition.

With the use of Plankton Enrich many species of larval fish and shrimp that were previously thought to be impossible to breed using traditional methods, are today once again within the scope of the average hobbyist.

Key HUFA Levels:

Sum n3 fatty acids >30%, DHA > 15%, EPA > 12%, ARA > 1.75%


A self-emulsifying, concentrated, live feed enrichment containing all the essential marine n3-HUFA type fatty acids. It is especially high in DHA and EPA. The product also boosts vitamin C, other essential vitamins, and special pigments.


Thoroughly clean all enrichment equipment associated with the process prior to commencing. Shake the pouch of Plankton Enrich prior to use. Harvest and rinse plankton with clean seawater and place in enrichment tank. Plankton densities should not be higher than 200 individuals/ml.

At the start of the enrichment period, measure out 1ml for each litre of culture water for rotifers and 2ml per litre for artemia (brine shrimp) and add to the enrichment tank. Repeat this process after 12 hours for longer enrichment periods for maximum uptake. For shrimp larvae, only one enrichment period of 8 to 12 hours is needed. Aeration must be maintained during the enrichment process. Harvest with air on. Rinse plankton and feed to larvae.


Marine lipids, minerals, emulsifiers, antifoam, pigments, vitamins C,A,&E, preservative

Do not freeze. Keep Refrigerated
  • High in DHA and EPA

  • Economical Enrichment

  • Improved Growth, Survival, and Metamorphosis

  • Stable Emulsion

  • Rich in Vitamin C and Other Vitamins