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3ml Transfer Pipette (5) Gift Certificate Plankton Mesh
3ml Transfer Pipette (5)
Our Price: $6.00 Inc GST
Plankton Mesh
Our Price: $10.00 Inc GST


These reusable transfer pipettes are a great way to dose your tank precisely with everything from chemical supplements (alkalinity, strontium, iodine etc) to liquid nutritional products like Phyto Diet, Coral Diet, and Rotifer Diet.
Give the perfect gift. Gift Certificates ensure that your special person gets the perfect gift.
Precision molded heavy duty nylon mesh for sieving plankton.
Rotifer Floss Rotifer Net
Rotifer Floss
Our Price: $1.10 Inc GST

Rotifer Net
Our Price: $19.80 Inc GST


Rotifer floss is a fibrous pad that you can hang in your culture to help keep it clean by accumulating solid wastes.
Custom made Rotifer net,50 Micron removable mesh.
80mm diameter x 20mm deep.