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Salifert PH Test Kit
Our Price: $15.00 Inc GST

  • The pH value in a marine tank has a major impact on the growth of corals and calcareous algae and on many biological processes. The pH should not be allowed to fluctuate more than approx. 0.2 units during any 24 hour period and should preferably be kept above 8.2.If the pH is too low then the cause may be a too low alkalinity and/or a build up of carbon dioxide caused by insufficient aerationA low pH can be corrected by improving aeration and by increasing the alkalinity.The Salifert Test Kit is sufficiently accurate to monitor minor pH fluctuations and is scaled from pH 7.4–8.7.Sufficient for 50 tests.For marine water only.
Salifert Nitrite Test Kit
Our Price: $16.50 Inc GST

Precision nitrite test kit ideal for both new and mature aquariums. Salifert Nitrite Test Kit has two different scales: an ultra-low scale that measures nitrite-nitrogen from 0.002 to 0.12 ppm and a medium scale that measures from 0.02 to 1.2 ppm. Nitrate detection is crucial for monitoring the performance of biological filtration, especially in newly established aquariums. The Salifert Test Kit does not suffer from amine interference and offers fast, full color development to make detecting and distinguishing even minute levels of nitrite easy. 60 tests. For freshwater or marine aquariums.
Salifert KH/Alk Test Kit
Our Price: $17.82 Inc GST

  • Calcium is not the only substance needed to form the skeletal material of corals and allow calcareous algae to grow. Carbonate and bicarbonate are also needed and these two substances can have a major effect on stabilizing or buffering pH levels in the aquarium in the correct range of 8.1 to 8.4.The total carbonate and bicarbonate concentration is also called alkalinity or carbonate hardness and for a stable system the alkalinity should not fluctuate by more than 5% from the optimum level of approx. 2.8 meq/L i.e. a maximum fluctuation of 0.14 meq/L.The Salifert test is sensitive enough to detect small changes in levels of alkalinity, measuring in steps of 0.1 meq/L and demonstrating a very sharp color change.Sufficient for 100 to 200 tests.
Salifert Ammonia Test Kit
Our Price: $19.00 Inc GST

Salifert Ammonia Test Kit accurately measures total ammonia (NH3 and NH4+). Favored by aquarium hobbyists who demand the best, Salifert professional test kits offer the convenience of home test kits and laboratory-grade precision. Use to accurately measure total ammonia and ammonium levels in newly established aquariums or to monitor existing systems with heavy biological loads. For marine and freshwater use. 50 tests.
Salifert Nitrate Test Kit
Our Price: $20.50 Inc GST


Precision nitrate test kit ideal for sensitive reef aquariums. Maintaining a very low nitrate concentration of less than 1 ppm is essential for coral and invertebrate health. Salifert Nitrate Test Kit boasts a nitrate detection range starting as low as 0.2 ppm. Both serious reef aquarists and beginning saltwater hobbyists will find the Salifert Nitrate Test extremely easy to use. The Salifert Nitrate Test Kit does not suffer from amine interference for quick and reliable measurement of nitrate-nitrogen. 50 tests. Saltwater aquarium use only.
Salifert Pottasium Test Kit
Salifert Pottasium Test Kit
Our Price: $22.00 Inc GST

Salifert test kits have been known for some time to be one of the more accurate on the market, and they are also one of the easiest to read. While some companies’ test kits may change slightly in color when being used, Salifert’s kits have a very distinct color change to give more accurate readings. The new potassium test kit will follow along with this theme with a very distinct color change, and it will also be accurate to 15 ppm making it another chemical that we can easily dose.
The test can be performed in about 90 seconds. Sharp color change. The test kit's resolution is 15 ppm, combine that with the ease and the sharp color change, it gives a highly accurate potassium test kit. We believe that it is a revolution in potassium testing. The Reef Test is a new line of test kits: Quick, easy and accurate.

Salifert Calcium Test Kit
Our Price: $26.00 Inc GST

Calcium is a major constituent of calcareous algae, skeletal material of hard corals and the skeletal needles of soft/leather corals. Calcium also fulfills many biological functions.

Quite often a too low calcium concentration retards coral and calcareous algae growth.

NSW contains 400 – 450 mg/L calcium. Which is also the value we should strive for. For a stable aquarium environment the fluctuation in calcium content should preferably not more than approx. 15 mg/L. This automatically means that the calcium test should be able to monitor comparable fluctuations.


In a healthy aquarium growth and multiplication of corals, desired calcareous algae and other organisms results in calcium depletion. Because of the importance of calcium timely corrective measures would have to be taken. For that purpose a proper calcium additive together with an accurate test kit are required.

Our calcium test is capable in resolving the calcium content in 10 mg/L steps. The color change is sharp and facilitates the detection of small but highly significant fluctuations in the calcium concentration. Salifert is the only one in offering a true accuracy and precision as claimed.

The kit can perform approx. 50 - 100 measurements.

Salifert Magnesium Test Kit
Our Price: $26.00 Inc GST


  • Magnesium is present in natural sea water in a fairly high concentration (1350 - 1500 mg/L) and is an essential element of chlorophyll which is necessary for photosynthesis. Without photosynthesis plants, algae and coral would not be able to survive.Magnesium also helps to maintain the correct combination of calcium concentration and alkalinity as it slows down the formation of calcium carbonate which can absorb many important trace elements within the aquarium.Maintaining a correct magnesium concentration is therefore very important and is indirectly responsible for fast coral and calcareous algae growth by making it possible to maintain correct calcium and alkalinity figures.Magnesium is depleted by algae growth and also by the use of excessive kalkwasser or by going far beyond natural calcium, alkalinity and pH values.The Salifert Magnesium Profi-Test is easy to use and accurate with measurements in steps of 30 mg/L.Results are not affected by strontium and calcium interference.Can be used for marine water only.Calcium and strontium will not interfere when their total concentration is between 200 and 650 ppm. This is mostly the case.Up to 50 tests
Portable Refractometer
Our Price: $40.70 Inc GST

Refractometer is a must have for all marine hobbyists. Correct salinity is crucial for the survival and health of your fish and corals.
This refractometer is extremely accurate and easy to us and calibrate. Calibration is simply done with a few drops of distilled water. This refractometer also features ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation).

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Range from 0-100ppt and 1.000-1.070 specific gravity.
  • Adjustable focus eyepiece
  • Included in the Box:
  • Carry case
  • Pippete
  • Calibration Screw Driver