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Plankton Diet Directions
Last Updated: 12/07/2013
Plankton Diet comes in four different varieties, all extremely useful depending on they type of plankton you wish to culture: Tetraselmis (for feeding artemia/brine shrimp), Nannochloropsis (for feeding rotifers), Rotifer Diet (a blend of Nanno and Tetra), and Pod Diet (for feeding Copepods and Amphipods.

Plankton Diet can also be added directly to your Marine aquarium feeding your herbivorous invertebrates such as hard & soft corals, sponges, clams, feather duster worms, and also boosting your copepod community.

How Much to Feed?
Start with 1ml per litre of plankton you are culturing, twice each day. This should turn your culture green. As the plankton consumes the algae, your culture will clear. For best results always ensure that your culture has at least a tinge of colour to it.

For feeding to your aquarium, use 1-2 ml per 100 litres each day. Always add to a high flowing area, and for best results we recommend placing your skimmer on a timer to turn off for a couple of hours while adding the algae

Always shake the pouch a few times before opening it. The larger algae cells tend to settle to the bottom.

Plankton Diet must be stored in your refrigerator and cannot be frozen, this will break many of the algae cells.

For Aquarium use only - not for human consumption.

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