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Artemia Hatching Directions
Last Updated: 12/07/2013
Tank Preparation

- Use a clean tank with a conical shaped bottom
- Mount open airlines near the bottom of the tank
- Install a light source over the top of the tank if in an area with no natural lighting
- Fill with filtered seawater of salinity 25-35ppt (50 micron filter mesh is best to filter seawater with)
- If necessary disinfect the water

Optimal Hatching Conditions
- Temperature : 25-30 degrees celcius
- Aeration : Vigorous enough to keep the cysts in suspension
- pH : 7.5 to 8.5
- Illumination : 2000 lux at water surface
- Add up to 2.5g of cysts per liter of water

Hatching and Harvest
- With hatching conditions kept close to optimum the hatching will be completed in 24 hours
- Stop aeration
- Cover top of tank
- After 15 minutes, siphon the nauplii out of the cone tip
- Wait another 15 minutes, then harvest the remaining nauplii

To ensure that no harmful cyst shells are siphoned out with the nauplii, we recommend using decapsulated artemia for all larval fish feeding.

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