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Artemia Hatching Directions
Tank Preparation - Use a clean tank with a conical shaped bottom - Mount open airlines near the bottom of the tank - Install a light source over the top of the tank if in an area with no natura
Coral Diet Directions
Coral Diet is formulated as a completely balanced feed designed specifically for invertebrates such as shrimp, filter feeders, and corals that require zooplankton as part of their natural diet. It is
Phyto Diet Directions
The right Plankton has an almost magical affect when it is added to a marine reef tank - within seconds your animals come to life! * Tridacnid clams (juveniles & adults) start pulsing as they det
Plankton Diet Directions
Plankton Diet comes in four different varieties, all extremely useful depending on they type of plankton you wish to culture: Tetraselmis (for feeding artemia/brine shrimp), Nannochloropsis (for feedi
Rotifer Culturing
This is a simplistic method maintaining a live rotifer population at home. There are more sophisticated methods that can be set up once the basics have been mastered. Rotifers are VERY EASY to cul